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whitewater play novice paddlers 1 day
Black River, high fall water
Saturday, November 8, 2003
length: 4.5km, 1 day
difficulty: novice

organizer: chris
participants: Chris Mack, Glenn Meinzer, Keith Nunn, Michael Sims, Peter Farr, Stephen Farr, Tim Ulrick, Dianne, Bonnie Bliss, Kevin, Kelly, Steve, Sandy, and a whole pile more.

A fun run, where the water was, unbelievably, a bit high for optimal play. A bit of snow and cold temperatures, but beautiful sunshine and little wind made for a wonderful paddle. The high water openned up a few new routes including a funny little cascade down the back of Bell Ringer chute.

For some reason they're replacing the bridge on the back road, so we had to alter the shuttle route.

Chris loaned me his Superfly so I could try some funny business. An entertaining change from my Rival. I started to try some vertical stuff near the end. I had some success, but the water was cold enough to addle my wits when upside down. Not an optimal roll, but I got back up. I decided I'd stay horizontal after that.

Thanks for a fun day, Chris.


posted by: Keith Nunn

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