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The group for micro-serfs who'd rather be paddling!

Canoe on Toronto Harbour. (Not our regular paddling spot, but it's near home and made a pretty shot.)

this site is not active

It is really just an archive of trip reports at this point, but it seemed worth resurrecting just for that. You find that lots of things are broken. This virtual organization existed to serve its members, a group of friends in the vicinity of Toronto, Ontario, Canada who liked to paddle together. We didn't have any meetings. We didn't have any rules. We didn't have any officers or structure. We just liked each other's company and we liked to paddle canoes.

Feel free to read our trip logs.


Canoe Quotes


Subtle and delicate.
Timeless. Sublime.
It happens slowly, and
on its own terms. It can
capture an afternoon,
or transform a week.
But in a moment -
when you've found
your pace, when your
mind is quiet, your
strokes are fluid and
thoughtless - you will
know it...And your spirit
will be glad.

John Shepard

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