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scenic or casual paddling beginner paddlers 1 day
Nonquon River
Saturday, May 3, 2003
length: 20.0km, 1 day
difficulty: beginner

leader: Peter Carmichael
organizer: Outing Club of East York
participants: Karonne Lansel,

A short drive to a beautiful narrow river twisting and turning through marsh lands. Can only be done in spring when levels are high enough. No portages but usually a few small liftovers, however we were lucky this time and it was smooth sailing all the way, just a few swifts for a bit of added fun. Saw lots of birds: red-tailed hawks, trumpeter swans, red-winged blackbirds, kingfishers, blue herons, Canada geese, mallard ducks. Also turtles, fish, and an intriguing animal coloured lke an ocelot that came and swam in front of our boat: too small for an adult beaver; didn't turn on its back like otters do; too pretty for a muskrat; too big for a mink or weasel. What was it? It may in fact have been a muskrat that was moulting and that gave it the beautiful ocelot-like markings. Anyway, a gorgeous sunny & warm day, relaxing but interesting paddling, and only a short drive from home made this an excellent spring daytrip.

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