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whitewater play intermediate paddlers 1 day
Credit River, brown and icy
Wednesday, March 19, 2003
length: 9.5km, 1 day
difficulty: intermediate

organizer: Chris Mack
participants: Caroline Owen, Chris Mack, Keith Nunn, Glenn Meinzer, Eric

A few of the VVCC members got out for a run down the Credit River, from Streetsville to Erindale Park today (Cline, Keith, Chris, Eric, Glenn).

The river dropped about 18" overnight which was a good thing, it was about as pushy as I can remember yesterday with some hairy moments with definite must make moves.

Today was still high water, all the rocks in Erindale Park were underwater but there were a lot more eddies to catch as well as a few interesting waves to try to play on.

The river stayed in its banks except for the s bend below Croatian Park, usually the water goes to the left but it was completely clogged with huge ice chunks and all of the water was still going over the bank, into the park and through the forest before it met up with the main flow downstream, needless to say we were all on our best behaviour as we weaved our way through the trees.

I think they blew another section of the river today because we had to get off the river for a while to let all the slabs of ice move downstream.

Yesterday they blew it at Derry road and it sent about 45 minutes of constant ice through at one point.

Going for another go tomorow, whole new day, whole new river.


posted by: Chris Mack

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