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tripping advanced paddlers 7 days
Arctic Kayaking near Pangnirtung
Tuesday, August 14, 2001 to Monday, August 20, 2001
length: 7 days
difficulty: advanced

participants: Deb Price,

I'm back from my kayak trip, which was wonderful! It had it's frustrations, but it was definitely an amazing trip. I arrived back in Pang to discover that the store sent me the wrong boat... which I took on the trip anyway... but the "sport" model (as opposed to the "expedition" model) was a bit of a pig to paddle in the rougher conditions. The store has since apologized for their mistake, and I'm sending this one back for the one I actually ordered... unfortunately I won't get it until next spring.

So, the trip:

We paddled with the tide, against the tide; with the wind and against the wind; with the current and through some crazy tidal rapids; on calm waters and in waves that were huge - heart in my mouth moments/hours, and past an iceburg. For anyone who wants to check their maps, we headed out from Pang along Cumberland Sound past Nasauyak and Ushualuk, along Kekertelung island, then cut in toward Shark Fiord (our destination, which we didn't quite make) to Nunatak island... then headed back through Avataktoo Bay. We saw many
seals - very playful and curious, but didn't come too close, and many birds... caribou tracks and lots of berries! It was a little nerve-wracking always to be on the alert for polar bears, but with a park warden for a
housemate, I was well prepared with precautions.

The weather wasn't that great - we occasionally saw the sun, but it rained every day - except for the day it snowed! It got a little chilly, but there was plenty of scrap wood at all of our campsites to do the campfire thing to get warm and try to dry some of our stuff out.

Other boaters along the way were kind - quite interested in a couple of kayakers, and were keen on making sure we were okay (especially on the windy days). When we got back to town, it seemed that everyone had heard about
our trip, and stopped to chat. I'm already thinking of where I'd like to go next year, and the little trips I can take before the sealift boat comes to take pigboat back.

posted by: Deb Price

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