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scenic or casual paddling novice paddlers 2 days
Gaspe Peninsula: Forillon
Sunday, July 1, 2001 to Monday, July 2, 2001
length: 2.0km, 2 days
difficulty: novice

participants: Beth Baskin, Cara Robinson, Heather McCance, Jessie the Wonder Hound, Keith Nunn, Liam Nunn, Morgan Baskin, Tripper Dave,

Three canoeing expeditions were to be had on our trek east. We paddled in 2 canoes... good thing half of those on the participant list weigh under 60 pounds.

The first was only an hour or so long, exploring a smallish river whose name I didn't catch on the northern end of Forillon National Park. I can't provide a lot of details on this one as I was on Morgan and Cara and Jessie duty, but perhaps one of the participants might do so.

Continued in http://vvcc.ca/vvcc/logs/report.php3?trip=86

posted by: Tripper Dave

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