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training opportunity beginner paddlers 1 day
MW 101 - Black R. (Washago)
Saturday, April 14, 2001
length: 4.5km, 1 day
difficulty: beginner

leader: Keith & ChrisCanoe
participants: Beth Baskin, Chris Mack, Chris Potvin, Frank Inglis, Fred Oliff, Keith Nunn, Kevin Brown, Nicole Mack,

A great turnout for this event. 15 people including Nicole and another yakker (who both disappeared downstream immediately). New member Fred Oliff and his partner Elizabeth brought 5 friends.

After we put in, Kevin, Frank, Chris P, Beth and I reviewed strokes and techniques while the rest of the party headed downstream. The current at the bridge provided a reasonable warm up for ferrying and the island that is normally there provided a decent surf wave.

As we headed downriver it became pretty clear that many of the features and rapids were washed out, but nonetheless there were many places to work on ferries and eddy turns. In particular the drop just below the trailer park was quite good with some larger waves and surf spots.

There was a good wave about half-way down that provided a great ferrying and eddy turn spot. We hung out here for a while until Lois capsized. Chris Canoe and I did the rescue and shortly it turned into a lunch break. It was great opportunity to chat with folks met only briefly over email.

One more little bonus was the current just above Bell-ringer. Normally a flat-water section this provided some of the best current for fast ferries on the whole river.

Unfortunately, both Bell-ringer and Pinky's were completely washed out. Which is quite something for bell-ringer: a chute that normally has an elevation loss of 4-5 feet over about 40 feet. It was reduced to a riffle at almost no loss of elevation!

Overall an excellent day. A good warm-up/learning session. Only one boat dumped, a bit of water over the bow and lots of fun and friends. I'll have some photos in about a week. Maybe I'll even write that photo album section for the website.


posted by: Keith Nunn

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