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whitewater play intermediate paddlers 1 day
Gull River Scouting mission
Saturday, August 16, 2008
length: 1 day
difficulty: intermediate

organizer: Keith
participants: Keith Nunn,


Made a number of stops following up Jeff's info about other paddling spots in the area.  I also stopped at the MWWP to paddle for a bit.


  • Elliot Falls (Hwy 35)
  • Moore Falls
  • Minden Wild Water Preserve
  • Hart Lodge Trails (Hwy 35)
  • West Guildford (Hwy 118)
  • Cranberry Lake Rd. (At Cty. Rd. 6)
  • Eagle Lake (Cty. Rd. 6 and Eagle Lake Road)

Elliot Falls

  • dam doesn't look runnable
  • swirly outflow, but nothing too crazy
  • ragged ledge to finish
  • not really viable for canoeists and not enought going on wave or hole-wise for play anyway 

Moore Falls

  • two dams and two bridges
  • east dam upstream of south Hwy 35 bridge 
  • west dam downstream of north Hwy 35 bridge

  • both dams runnable, but east dam has logs set just above gunwhale height so serious deck-kissing would be required
  • There's a gas bar for sale across the bay on Hwy 35. It has water access, a dock and a large builing on the highway. Anyone interested?
  • there are a number of eddies and clear eddy lines that would make these two dams pretty good areas for teaching at the water levels I saw (high at theMWWP--8.6)
  • best access for trailers and parking is off Pacific Road (Goolgle has it as Lutterworth Park Drive).  There is a park at the end of the road.  The shore is pretty overgrown, but it is possible to get to the water.  There is a loop for turning trailers around.
  • Google Maps link

Minden Wild Water Preserve

  • What more needs to be said?  It's great. Unfortunately not very beginner friendly anywhere but the washout.

Hart Lodge Trails

  • Hwy 35 + #20
  • 4 eddies, class 1
  • left side of dam is runnable.  Some interesting waves below right side.
  • Some parking on Taylor Rd. 
  • Google Maps link

West Guilford

  • riffles, nice beach, decent looking pizza joint
  • probably not worth the stop unless you're looking for a swim or Pizza on the way to Eagle Lake

Cranberry Lake

  • slow water, no parking

Eagle Lake

  • Public park and parking
  • nasty toilets with no paper
  • picnic shelter
  • dam is runnable (class 3)
  • culvert under Haliburton Lake Road is passable (no grate), but may require ducking
  • some roadside parking at take out downstream on #6
  • shuttle is about 2km
  • rapid near the end of the run has a rope across it.  May be high enough, but couldn't tell for sure because I was so far away (700m.
  • land for sale across the road from take out.
  • what I could see of the river would give it a class 2 or 3.
  • Google Maps link

Photos and some notes can be found at http://www.vvcc.ca/gallery/GullRiver2008.

posted by: Keith Nunn

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