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scenic or casual paddling beginner paddlers 1 day
Duffin's Creek
Monday, October 9, 2000
length: 4.2km, 1 day
difficulty: beginner

leader: Dave Robinson
participants: Cara Robinson, Tripper Dave, Frank Inglis, Heather McCance, Jessie the Wonder Hound, Kevin Brown,

Noon on Thnaksgiving Monday found several Virtual Voyaguers gathered at the put-in at Rotary Park in Ajax. In total, four boats paddled up through Duffin's Creek Marsh and the creek proper. We got almost to Bayly St. before we were turned back by a log jam and low water.

In spite of the chill air we had a very pleasant paddle through the marsh. The salmon were beginning to run and Ward McCance (Heather's dad) got to play environmental hero when he assisted a huge (we're talkin' 20-30 pounds) salmon back into deep water after it had beached itself in shallows. In addition to the fish we also had encounters with muskrat and abundant bird life (apart from the usual Canada Geese and Mallards, we also saw many Great Blue Heron, Kingfishers, a Downy Woodpecker, a Lesser Yellowlegs, Swans and the largest congregation of Turkey Vultures I've ever seen....)

It was a nice workout after too much turkey and Cara seems to be O.K. with the canoe. See you all at Keith & Beth's Urban Rendezvous.....

posted by: Tripper Dave

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