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beginner paddlers 1 day
Paddle the Don 2007
Sunday, May 6, 2007
length: 12.0km, 1 day
difficulty: beginner

organizer: many groups, but co-ordinated by the TRC
participants: Beth Baskin, Courtney Néray, David Newland, J Wallace, Keith Nunn, Liam Nunn, Mark Hopson, Michel Néray, Morgan Baskin, Tetley the canoe hound, Molly (David's partner), Eren and Kevin (of Dog paddling), bunch of MKC folks, and hundreds of others


(I used the Todmorden station for flow data)

A great year for the Don Paddle. I saw lots of friends out there and a number of VVs. Of note are the unusually good weather for this event and the free wine at the end.

VVs Michel and Courtney made a mid-river rescue of a pinned boat after about 4km. Way to go folks!

Morgan runs weir 3 on the Don R.Morgan had an unpleasant swim at weir 3, which I take full responsibility for. I told her to raft up with us and then we got onto opposite sides of a rock. Arghh!

She was a trooper though and went back up and ran it for herself and did a great job. Dad is an idiot.

There was a fun tour of the harbour afterwards as well.

You'll find photos in the VVCC gallery. Michel got some great ones of Morgan in her Splash. She and her boat attracted a lot of attention.

If I missed folks off the participant list, just let me know and I'll add you.

David Newland adds:

My partner Molly and I did the paddle at the 9 am start.
It was my 5th and her 4th time down the Don. Best one yet... our Scott Wilderness made it through with only minor scrapes - following two guys in a grumman helped, as they made a LOUD noise every time they took the wrong route, and we just went the other way...
Great bird life and a wonderful day for it. Yeeeha!


posted by: Keith Nunn

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