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novice paddlers 1 day
A snowy day on the Black River
Saturday, December 3, 2005
length: 4.0km, 1 day
difficulty: novice

organizer: Keith
participants: Keith Nunn, Michael Sims, Peter Farr, Stephen Farr,

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Mike, Keith, Stephen and I took advantage of he momentary rise in water levels to enjoy one more trip down the scenic Black River near Washago. When we met at the highway bridge at about 10am, the weather was mild - hovering around zero - with light snow flurries. Only one of the rocks at the put-in was showing.

It was a beautiful day for paddling, quiet and serene. None of us were in any kind of a rush so we paddled and played our way slowly down to the bottom. The water was high enough that the "secret" channel was open, and we managed to get all four boats onto the smooth surf wave for a while before the game deteriated into "bumper boats" and "C1 sandwich". Nothing special to note other than a nice little hole/breaking wave at the bottom left of Pinky's that was fun for a while.

posted by: Peter Farr

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