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whitewater play intermediate paddlers 1 day
16 Mile Creek (Oakville Creek)
Monday, January 3, 2005
length: 5.0km, 1 day
difficulty: intermediate

organizer: Chris
participants: Chris Mack, Keith Nunn, Michael Sims, Eric

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At this time of the year the window of opportunity is quite small. Eric called me at 8am to tell me he was meeting some friends at 10am to paddle the creek. He told me they had been out on Saturday and the level was too high and today would be a good bet. I called Mike and Keith and we all met the group at Tim Hortons.

The level was primo, at the put in bridge the water was 6" from the bridge on the downstream side.

It was a diverse group, 3 open boats, 2 creek boats, 1 spud boat and 3 river kayaks.

The creek starts out with some small surf waves and holes to warm up on which become a little bigger in the first 1km. At this point the west branch of 16 mile creek comes in on the right and the creek increases in flow.

There are some fantastic spots to play on over the next 2 km, some stretches had so many holes and waves we all had our own feature to play on. There were also good eddies to access some of the features along the way. Below the 407 there is a constriction that is often blocked! The river narrows down and goes thru an s bend which must be approached with caution, you can walk around on the left if it is blocked.

The next 1km has many strainers and sweepers but all of them were on the right and were easily avoided.

As you approach the hwy 5 bridge the takeout is on the left just downstream of the footbridge. Walk up the hill to your cars.

I have been on this creek a few times but I have never seen it at such a great level. The area reminds me of paddling down the credit valley but the creek has a LOT more to play on than the Credit.

I have added a map to our photo gallery.


posted by: Chris Mack

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