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1 day
Seguin River
Sunday, August 22, 2004
length: 10.0km, 1 day

organizer: Michel
participants: Courtney Néray, Tetley the canoe hound,

This is almost too beautiful to tell you about but I cannot keep it from my fellow vvccers. While at a cottage up north I bought Hap Wilson's relatively new book called 'Wild Muskoka' and found several routes that I could easily drive to from Parry Sound.

I settled on a portion of the Seguin River because it was closest and runs through a conservation area. In fact, the conservation are has no road access so the wilderness feel of this river is exceptional. The scenery is as nice as any I have seen further north. We only saw one other canoe on this one afternoon trip.

We put in at the bridge but because water lever was so low, we have to walk in a few spots. After a little twisty bit, the river opens up to a small lake. There's an extremely nice campsite across the lake -- and it's the only one in the area so I have no idea what you would do if you got there too late. We weren't planning on staying the night so it wasn't a problem.

The river then narrows into a longish mini canyon. Hap says that in spring you should 'take your lumps in the portage' but given on the water level we decided to run them. Well, we ended up walking them -- but it was so much fun anyway.

After the canyon, we paddled into Mill lake just outside of Parry Sound. We could have added a few more hours by going into town, but by that point we were joined by speedboats and PWCs. bah!

Next year I plan to go earlier in the season and paddle from Isabella lake through crown land. Based on the book's recommendation, I also paddled the Rosseau River and checked out 3 mile lake to Windermere. Also short and nice. His description of the Big East sounds awesome. I highly recommend the book.

see the pics here: http://vvcc.canoeontario.ca/gallery/Sequin_River_Hurdville2Mill_Lake" target="_blank" target="_new">http://vvcc.canoeontario.ca/gallery/Sequin_River_Hurdville2Mill_Lake>

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