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race or meet beginner paddlers 1 day
Humber River Down River Race
Saturday, April 3, 2004
length: 13.0km, 1 day
difficulty: beginner

leader: Laurent Tauveron
participants: Laurent Tauveron, Felix Tauveron

It all started last week end, when we missed the canoe race on the credit river , and I promised my son Felix( he is 7 years old ) that we would go on a race the next week end.

So, we went to the Humber river canoe race on Saturday.

We got there around 2PM, which was a little late, and everybody was on the river already. I could see Felix being disappointed at not being part of the official race, but I told him that we would time ourselves from start to finish and compare with the others. If we won, we would buy ourselves our very own trophy. Well, it was not a very good trip. 13 km of flat water meandering between apartments building and the uninterrupted noise of all the airplanes flying above us and landing at the airport. The trees on the river collect old plastic bags, it is not pretty. Felix almost fell asleep, but we made it to the finish line, south of the 401 in 1 1/2 hours. We left the canoe in a park and caught a cab ride back to the starting point only to find that the park's gate was now closed. When the meter in the cab reached
the $19 mark, the cab driver started calling me "Mister Adventure". Can't blame him.

After some time we got the park's gate unlocked, got our car and canoe back and went home.

I told Felix that it would make a good story to tell his friends...

posted by: Laurent Tauveron

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