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whitewater play novice paddlers 1 day
Credit River
Saturday, March 6, 2004
length: 7.0km, 1 day
difficulty: novice

organizer: chris
participants: Allan Kostyniuk, Chris Mack, Glenn Meinzer, Michael Sims, Bonnie, Dianne, Josh

Quite a few people on the river today. The river was bank full and there was NO ICE.
At this level it washes out the usual surf spots, only a few eddies on the banks to catch too. There are some huge wave trains to deal with, a great spot to do some wave blocking! I remember spinning upstream to see Bonnie take the first (and biggest) wave backwards, completely going out of site in the trough before I could see her red boat ride up the next wave. It was a quick run, about 2 hours.

Terrific paddling, could have been a little warmer.


posted by: Chris Mack

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