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scenic or casual paddling novice paddlers 1 day
Leslie Street Spit
Friday, June 27, 2003
length: 6.0km, 1 day
difficulty: novice

participants: Garry Almond, Karonne Lansel,

It seemed like a pleasant summer evening for a little paddle, so Garry took his C1 and I soloed my tandem canoe from Cherry Beach to the Leslie Street Spit. A bit breezy on the way over, but no difficulties. We got out on the spit and walked along one of the trails, then paddled over to look at the sand crane nest I had seen earlier. There were now 4 eggs instead of 2.

As we started heading back across the harbour, the wind picked up and pretty soon all the sailboats scurried into port. I thought sailboats were supposed to love wind! So there we are, paddling hard to make it across right side up. We made it to shore, but still needed to paddle aways upwind to get back to our cars. I just kept getting blown around, so finally Garry had to get into my boat and we tandem paddled while towing his boat. It was a hard slog, but we made it and felt proud of ourselves for doing a better workout than we'd originally planned!

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