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1 day
Lower Credit
Sunday, June 6, 1999
length: 1 day

organizer: daver
participants: Tripper Dave, Keith Nunn, , Stuart Embree,

This was a bit of personal indulgence, this one..... VVCC leader Tripper Dave had just completed a grueling 4-week stint as a co-ordinator of 5local election campaigns.... A plea went out "....I haven't been in a canoe since April 30th, I NEED to paddle!"

Accordingly, 4 other VVCC members who were willing to help Daver to recover his sanity met at the ADM parking lot in Streetsville on the off chance that there was enough water left in the lower Credit after some decent rains the previous week. They are still arguing about whether there was enough water, but it was a fun run down to Erindale Park.

posted by: Tripper Dave

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