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training opportunity beginner paddlers 1 day
Black River, WW 101 clinic
Saturday, May 10, 2003
route: Hwy 169 to McKenzie Sideroad (level: 8.07m)
length: 1 day
difficulty: beginner

leader: 4.5
organizer: y

offsite report:
Another great day on the Black River. Much fun was had by all. Good stroke and manoeuvre tune up, some surfing and and hardly any gunnel-grabbing.

The full complement was 15 including some non-VV types. 11 boats. I may have missed someone on the list above, let me know. non-VV attendees included David Makepeace, Mark ?, and Bonnie Bliss.

I won't say much as there are many individual comments in the list archive at http://canoeontario.ca/mailman/private/vvcc/2003-May/thread.html

Some pics available at: http://vvcc.canoeontario.ca/gallery/BlackRiver20030510

My excellent roof racks which so many of you admired can be seen at http://vvcc.canoeontario.ca/gallery/album04

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