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Canoe Party 2002
Friday, March 1, 2002
route: Run straight through the front door, then take the left fork into the kitchen and eddy out at the fridge. Get beverage. Peel out then front-ferry to river-right and eddy out at the food tabel. Get munchies. Ferry further to river-right and check out the trip board. Attain up right bank to the living room, hang out and check with other boaters eddied out there. Peel out and front ferry all the way across to the left then catch the side channel into the den. Check out the carnage vids on the TV and hang out by the fire. Repeat as desired.
length: 1 day
difficulty: advanced

leader: 0.0
organizer: y

offsite report:
Well, Canoe Part #9 is history.
Good food, beer, conversation and pix.
Carnage vids in the den, slides in the dining room... lots of dreaming..

There is a marked downturn in the number of trips actually posted on the board at the party this year. In past years there have been 16-20 trips posted, this year there were 11, only 4 of which were actual VVCC trips. The rest were events planned and run by other organizations, and while it's nice to know about other events, that's not why we created the VVCC.

Is interest flagging?
Is it uncertainty about water levels?
Has the party's planning function been taken over by the calendar on the website?

These are questions I think we need to address.

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