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novice paddlers 3 days
Gull River Festival (kinda)
Friday, July 2, 2004 to Sunday, July 4, 2004
route: Minden WW Preserve
length: 3 days
difficulty: novice

leader: 2.0
organizer: n

offsite report:
Theoretically a festival, there was little sign of it. The main event appeared to be bass fishing from your WW kayak. Dumb!

Nevertheless, we had a good time. There was a bit of running and quite a bit of surfing and coaching at the bottom. At one point there was quite an oppen boat contingent gathered at the bottom.

Morgan did her first ferries in her new boat. It was quite an exciting moment for both Morgan and the various spectators. A nine-year-old doing ferries in a tiny canoe seems to attract attention.

Also notable was how much time Nicole spent with a single blade in hand. Yay Nicole!

Nicole and Chris are looking for some reasonably priced Super EZ kayaks to convert to C1. Keep your eyes peeled everyone.

I've http://vvcc.canoeontario.ca/gallery/gull2004" target="_self">posted a few photos, but Peter likely has more to add and I'll have a few more once the film in my waterproof camera goes to the lab.


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